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Walking around Walt Disney World or Disneyland during the summer?  You don't have to suffer in the heat!  Children are especially sensitive to heat stroke.
Stay cool!  Use these neck coolers and save your vacation from crankiness!

Or, wear them anywhere, anytime!

  • For exercising, fishing, gardeners, construction workers, outside sports events, beaches.
  • Wear them at other amusement parks or fairs while walking in hot weather.
  • Also great as HOT or COLD packs for migraines, fevers, HOT FLASHES, bee stings, sprains and swelling.


  Made with special water crystals, these neck coolers help you stay cool by using evaporative cooling.  Besides the water crystals staying cooler longer, the cotton fabric helps wick the moisture from the crystals to the fabric and evaporates, causing your skin to feel cooler.

THEY ALSO RETAIN HEAT!  Water crystals are 98% water, but their unique properties allow them to retain heat longer than water.  Just use your microwave to warm them up.  I use these for my daughter when she complains of "growing pains."  I just wrap her legs up in these and she's off to sleep!

And, they're reusable for many years.

At the present time, I only accept orders by word of mouth from my friends and family.
But to all of my friends and family, please feel free to offer my email address to your friends and extended family!

$8 for the first neck cooler
$7 for each additional neck cooler
Custom-sized neck coolers, contact me for price


All neck coolers are made with 100% cotton fabric.

EXTRA WIDE!  Measures approximately 3" x 40"-44", with 20" of the cool tube for your neck - plenty of length to wrap around your neck or forehead.  Compare others at only 1" or 2" wide.  Size best fits ages 7 and up.  Smaller custom-sized neck coolers available upon request.

 Finished, angled edges, professionally sewn at BOTH ends!  NO PINKED/UNFINISHED EDGES.  Many ebayers don't know the secret in sewing a completely finished, enclosed tube.  I have seen neck coolers with both ends open, or the raw edges sewn with an overcast stitch or overlocking, which is not very pretty to see on the outside!

Prewashed to reduce any bleeding of the dyes.

Finished products come from a smoke-free home.

** Full instructions and a storage bag are included with each purchase. **


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